Street Photography

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Photo walk in central Venice, with special focus on the techniques and difficulties of street photography.

Duration 2, 3 or 4 hours.



Street Photography walk

Venice is a fantastic place for street photography.  There’s always something happing, lots of people milling around, and most are tourists who won’t get annoyed if they’re being photographed.

Street photography is hard. Often it means taking photos of strangers up close, which doesn’t always come easy.  There’s a psychological barrier to overcome when photographing people.

In an ever moving world there is no second try. You either get the shot or you don’t. Learning to see how people move, and push the shutter at the right instant is essential.  Having your camera ready with the right settings also helps.

It is not, however, just a matter of luck. Both the psychological and the technical parts can be learned and with some practice, mastered.

Our street photography walks

We cannot teach your everything about street photography during a photo walk of a few hours, but we can either give you a good start, or some help moving forward from where you are now.

We can do that in the fantastic setting which is Venice.

Subjects that we can touch during a street photography walk can be:

  • Street basics
  • How to catch a fleeting moment
  • Composition
  • Getting up close
  • About ‘hunting’ and ‘fishing’
  • Points of interest
  • Colours and emotions
  • Classic black and white
  • Useful camera settings
  • Zone focus and hyper-focal photography


Additional information


During daylight hours


2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours

Group size

1-4 persons

Starting point

The tour can start anywhere in Venice. We can meet you at an agreed spot, or at your hotel.


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