Artisan Tours

Photo walk in central Venice, passing both major monuments and hidden locations, with a visit in an artisans workshop included. Availability depends on the artisan.

Venice is full of small artisan workshops where you can still find the oar maker, the maker of glass beads, the coffee toaster, the book-binder and much more, like in times long gone. Our artisan tours explore these Venetian jewels.

Many of these places are hidden, out of sight, unless you know where they are and how to enter.

Our artisan tours will end with a visit to one of our partner artisans, which can be a maker of traditional Venetian glass beads, a coffee toaster, a maker of oars and oarlocks for gondolas,…

Besides getting to know the artisan owner of the shop and learning about their trade and traditions, you’ll get the possibility of taking photos of them, their workshop and their utensils while they’re working.

Before the visit we’ll do a shorter version of our classic photo walk.

Our artisan photo walks

Many workshops are often small, with limited space and low light.

Photography is usually difficult, requiring wide open diaphragms, high ISO settings, and wide angle lenses to shoot closer up.

The use tripods and flash is not always possible or even allowed.

It will normally non be possible to ‘direct’ the artisans or get them to pose. They are, after all, there to do their work, not to be photographed.


Photo Walks Venice currently has partnerships with

  • Bead makers,
  • Oar makers,
  • Coffee toasters,
  • Shipyards.
  • Weavers


A artisan tour in Venice can be from two to four hours. Availability depends entirely on the artisans.

All tours are private, for groups of 1-4 persons. There might be further restrictions depending on the artisans. Many workshops are very small.

Meeting place will be at the Rialto Bridge, or near St. Mark’s square.

Prices depends of group size and duration of the walk as per the table below.

Pax2 hours3 hours4 hours

All photo walks can be paid in advance online using most credit cards, or in cash at the appointment.

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