August 31, 2018

René Seindal – guide at Photo Walks in Venice

René SeindalRené Seindal comes from Denmark, but lives in Venice for almost 10 years. Fragments of his past are also scattered in other places around Italy: in the Marche, in Rome and in Palermo.

René has a M.A. in History and Italian from the University of Copenhagen, but he has spent must of working life in IT. In 2008 he decided to change tack, and moved to Venice where he started doing kayaking tours in Venice. By now he know the canals just as well as the gondolieri.

Photographically his passion is street photography, mostly in black and white.  Water and boats tend to feature prominently too, and, of course, Venice and the Venetians.

There are more photos by René at his web site Venice Street Photography.

Sample photos by René Seindal