Photo walks in Venice

The locals know Venice

Our photo walks with local guides will help you discover the Venice behinde the tourist façade.
All are passionate amateur photographers who live their daily life in Venice.

Artisan tour

Photo walk in central Venice with a specially arranged visit to photograph in a Venetian artisan’s workshop.

Duration is 4 hours for up to 4 persons

Price is €300 for two to four persons, €200 for one person, and €50 for non photographing companions.

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Street photography

Photo walk in central Venice, with special focus on the techniques and difficulties of street photography.

Duration is 4 hours for up to 4 persons

Price is €240 for two to four persons, and €180 for one person.

Classic Venice

Photo walk in central Venice, covering both some of the famous must-see places and many hidden gems.

Duration is 3 hours for up to 4 persons,

Price is €240 for two to four persons, €180 for one person.

Mini Tour

A short photo walk in central Venice, so you’re sure to get some good shots home even if you have limited time.

Duration is 2 hours circa for 1-2 persons.

Price is €160.

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About us

Venetian friends with a common passion
Sharing our passion for photo­graphy in Venice

Bruna, Giovanni and René all live, work and photograph in Venice.

They got to know each other through a photographic association in Venice, where they discovered a lot of common ground.

With this project they want to share with other their common passion: photography in Venice.

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The team

Here are the people you might meet with Photo Walks Venice

Bruna Marchetti


Bruna Marchetti is a philosopher, and brings that experience into her photography.

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Giovanni Da Lozzo


Giovanni is Venetian with a capital V. He has done photo walks and and kayaking tours in Venice since 2012.

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René Seindal


René is Danish, lives in Venice for ten years with his wife and dogs, and has not plans whatsoever of ever leaving.

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Lucia Scudellaro


Lucia is our skilled planner and coordinator, and she’ll be the one answering emails and phone calls.

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